Processed 223 Nickel Only



Nickel Processed 223 Rem Once-Fired Brass. All of our processed 223/5.56 has been run through a Dillon 1050 with an AmmoBot auto drive. This is mixed headstamp, may contain lake city, Federal, Winchester, Speer, Hornady, and other brands.

The brass has been:



-Full length sized

-Trimmed to 1.750 (+ or – 0.005in)

-Swaged to remove primer crimps

-Wet tumbled to remove burrs and oils/lubricant

-Checked in a Sheridan and Lyman case/head space gauge for quality control

-Polished in corn cob media for a mirror shine and tarnish protection

Wet tumbled to remove carbon build up and burrs and polished to a mirror shine for a lasting finish.

This brass has been sourced from law enforcement facilities and civilian ranges.

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