Dirty 9mm




Dirty Once-Fired 9mm Brass Cases. The brass has been hand sorted to ensure there are no aluminum, steel cases, or berdan primed cases. This is mixed head stamp brass.

We do add extra cases to every order to account for any unusable cases. This is raw range brass and does not include nickel casings.

We source our brass from local law enforcement and civilian ranges.

Lower shipping rates when combined with other products from Blue Ridge Brass.

This item ships USPS flat rate priority mail 1-3 day shipping. Tracking is sent to your email. The item takes approximately 1-3 business days to process your order.

If you would like to place an order of 3 or more items contact us for a custom order so we can get you the lowest shipping possible!

**Disclaimer- Blue Ridge Brass, LLC is not liable for any damage done to firearms, equipment or property as well as any personal injury that occurs as a result of using our products.**

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