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Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequently asked questions and answers

This is our most frequently asked questions. The average processing time is 1-4 business days unless it is otherwise specified on the product page. Please reach out with any questions on processing times, shipping or product questions.

We take your personal and payment information seriously. That is why we use NRA endorsed card processors like, one of the preeminent companies in the world of card information and security. 

We never see your payment information or have access to payment data

Yes, currently there are no restrictions on the import of reloading supplies to the state of California.

This is another popular frequently asked questions.

Yes we do! We can buy your brass with cash or give you a credit to use towards your order. 

We reserve the right to refuse trade or purchase of brass that does not meet our standards. All brass must be reloadable (boxer primers), be in once fired condition, and have original primers intact.

Buying processed brass is the perfect solution for time-conscious reloaders. Purchasing pre-processed brass eliminates  the long hours trimming and swaging. Our processing services take the guesswork out of reloading! Our rigorous quality control results in high quality and very consistent brass. We always recommend thoroughly checking your brass prior to reloading. When we process the brass we roll size, permanently remove primer crimps, size and trim to SAMMI specification trim length on all rifle brass. This process provides consistency in loads, improved accuracy and extends the life of the brass. 

Unfortunately at this time we do not sell or ship reloading supplies or firearms accessories/components outside of the US. International law prohibits certain classes of product from being shipped internationally due to the nature of their components and assembly. International arms laws currently restrict the sale of ammunition and components to other countries. 

The short answer is yes. All of our pistol brass is rollszied to size the base of the case that a normal full length sizing die cannot. 

We offer processing services on a variety of rifle and pistol brass! Click the button to learn more about processing services, time frames and pricing. Download and print our processing form and checklist to fill out and send with your brass! 

If a product you are interested in shows out of stock, sign up for our in stock notification emails. This process will send you an email letting you know when your favorite caliber is back in stock and available for purchase. If you do not see the particular caliber you are looking for on our website at all you can email to see if we have any available to invoice. We come across small quantities of rare or unique calibers from time to time but don’t necessarily list them online.

We also get this frequently asked questions, a lot!

Currently we do not sell, trade or purchase firearms and ammunition. We will be looking to diversify in the coming years and expand our business by obtaining a Federal Firearms License. Until then we supply brass and reloading components such as primers, powder and projectiles (when available).

We currently do not sell any calibers of dirty or raw brass. Certain calibers that we do not process will be sold as “polished”. These calibers have been wet tumbled with stainless steel media and then polished to prevent corrosion. This brass is ready for you to process on your machines and reload to your liking. These calibers will still have spent primers intact. 

As for wholesale orders: We do offer wholesale purchasing orders to FFL’s and dealers on certain calibers such as 9mm, .223/5.56, .40 S&W, .45 ACP and .300blk when quantities are available. FFL’s can also send us wholesale quantities of their own brass for us to process at a discounted rate. Please contact us directly at for wholesale pricing and availability. We do not currently sell wholesale or offer discounts to non-FFL’s and proof of Federal Firearms Licensing will be required for all wholesale orders.

We do allow for local pickup/drop off of brass for processing and orders by appointment only. Our shop address is 7466 Lee Hwy Troutville, VA 24175 or we can arrange a local meeting spot. To set an appointment please call 540-525-3104 or email

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