Processed 40 Smith & Wesson Once Fired Brass



Processed .40 S&W Once-Fired Brass. This brass does NOT contain any nickel plated cases. Looking for Dirty or Polished 40 S&W once fired reloading brass?

The Brass has been:

-Rollsized to size the base of the case to remove bulge


-Military Cases Swaged

-Wet tumbled

-Resized in a full length undersized die

-Polished in corn cob media for tarnish protection and shine

-Checked in a Wilson case gauge

All mixed head stamp, mostly Winchester, Speer, and Federal. Hand sorted and inspected for quality. This brass contains NO nickel cases. This bras is meant to save you time, and your time is valuable!

Getting tired of processing and cleaning all of your brass? And still having to reload it all. Contact us about our brass processing services to speed up your reloading game!

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