Nickel 300 Blackout Federal Brass




This Nickel 300 Blackout brass was converted from commercial Federal 223 Once-Fired Brass. These batches come directly from LEO ranges, there may be some Lake City, Winchester, Hornady, and Speer brass mixed in that we did not sort out. Those head stamps are all good for 300 blk.

The brass has been:



-Full length sized

-Trimmed to 1.358 (+ or – 0.004in)

-Swaged to remove primer crimps

-Wet tumbled to remove burrs and oils/lubricant

-Checked in a Lyman case/head space gauge for quality control

-Polished in corn cob media for a mirror shine and tarnish protection

Wet tumbled to remove carbon build up and burrs and polished to a mirror shine for a lasting finish.

This brass has been sourced from law enforcement facilities and civilian ranges. The brass is mixed head stamp.

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