7.62×39 Polished once fired reloading brass. Mixed head stamp from civilian and law enforcement ranges. Expect original Primers and crimps to be intact when purchasing this item. This is a mix of commercial and military brass of various years, all in reloadable condition. We do add extras in case of damaged or unusable cases. Want to buy brass in BULK and SAVE? Click Here

The brass has been:
-Wet tumbled
-Polished in corncob media for tarnish protection

7.62×39 Polished once fired reloading brass has NOT been processed. Getting tired of processing and cleaning all of your brass? And still having to reload it all. Contact us about our brass processing services to speed up your reloading game!

Click Here to see a video of part of our processing machines in action!

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FREE Shipping on orders over $100.00. Processed brass always Ship FREE.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

500, 1,000, 250, 100

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