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10,000 pieces Bulk Polished Nickel 40 Once-Fired Brass Cases, Only yellow brass, includes no nickel.

Have a lot of brass and dread processing all of it? Go checkout our brass processing page to see how we can help!

Bulk orders will typically ship via ground, there also maybe a 3-5 business day lead time to ship bulk orders.

The brass has been hand sorted to ensure there are no aluminum, steel cases, or berdan primed cases. This is mixed head stamp brass.

We do add extra cases to every order to account for any unusable cases.
The brass has been:
-Wet tumbled
-Polished in corn cob media for tarnish protection and shine

We source our brass from local law enforcement and civilian ranges.

FREE Shipping on orders over $100.00. All Processed brass and brass subscriptions always Ship FREE.

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