Stainless Steel Media-Pins


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Stainless steel tumbling media Pins is the exclusive media that we use to clean all of our brass and is the only media that we recommend to our customers. This is because the results are immaculate and we wouldn’t recommend anything else.

This is the exact stainless steel media that we use to create the perfectly cleaned piece of brass. This media is small enough to throughly clean primer pockets yet large enough not to stick in pockets or flash holes. This is the best media to use in a wet tumbler hands down! Sold in 5lb packs

This media is designed to work with rotary tumblers with water and cleaning solution. It is not designed to be used in vibratory tumblers. These stainless steel chips will never have to be replaced!

Have a lot of brass and dread processing all of it? Go checkout ourĀ brass processing page to see how we can help!

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Weight 5 lbs