Hornady 55 grain Soft Point .224 Diameter



**These are only the Projectiles as Pictured**

These are NEW Hornady bullets.

Pioneered by Hornady for use in hunting bullets. This technology broke new ground in ballistic engineering. And is being used in bullets for everything from match to varmint shooting.

The secant ogive is a geometrically developed design that creates the most ballistically efficient profile. Therefore the bullet retains the optimum bearing surface. The combination of the slender point and increased bearing surface results in lower drag, increased stability, flatter trajectories, and amazing accuracy.

Available in quantities of 100 to 6,000 bullets. Be sure to check out our professionally processed 223/5.56 brass or our brass processing services. That’s where we take your brass and prep it for you to load!

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Weight N/A

100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,500, 6,000

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