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223 rem and 5.56 NATO Reloading Data

compiling all of the best FREE 223 / 5.56 load data manual and links.

223 rem the civilian SAAMI spec version of the military’s 5.56 NATO. Both cartridges are great for small-medium sized game and varmint hunting. They are also some of the most inexpensive to load for and give exceptional accuracy for their price point! With a wide range of bullets to choose from you would be hard pressed not to find a load to fit your rifle or situation.

Our Favorite 223 remington load is 21.5 gr. of IMR3031 with CCI standard small rifle primers and Hornady 55 grain FMJ-BT bullets.


Load Data for 223 Remington:

223 Remington 40
223 Remington TNT Green 43
223 Remington 45
223 Remington TNT Green 50
223 Remington 50
223 Remington 52
223 Remington Gold Dot 55
223 Remington 55
223 Remington Gold Dot 62
223 Remington 70
223 Remington Gold Dot 75


This link will cover all of the nosler reloading bullets. Nosler Load Data for 223 rem.

Barnes 223 remington load data, this is a large PDF of EVERYTHING Barnes!

5.56 NATO Data

Barnes 5.56:



5.56x45mm NATO Gold Dot 55
5.56x45mm NATO Gold Dot 62
5.56x45mm NATO Gold Dot 75

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