About Us

Humble Beginnings

Our business started in a corner of my parents garage back in 2015. Back then we were only offering clean or dirty unprocessed reloading brass.  We have since grown to a 600 sqft workshop with employees and stock a variety of products! We have even started our very own Facebook group Reloading Addicts Anonymous and are keeping up with our own Reloading Resources blog. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to see our most up to date projects!

Growing Debt Free!

Throughout the course of our business's growth we have experienced many changes. One thing has always remained the same when it came to our business philosophy and that is being debt free. We believe in doing all of our growth and investing organically and debt free. 

We want our business to be stable for our customers and for our family. Not having debt provides us with the security and flexibility to grow and make decisions in an industry that is becoming evermore scrutinized and restricted. We will continue to offer quality products to our customers at competitive prices no matter what the future has in store!

Victoria and Austin Chocklett

My Wife Victoria and I met as lifeguards in the summer of 2013 and have been together ever since! We were married in September 2017 and have a passion for all things Firearms and Disney related! Our business is family owned and operated. We support each other and couldn't have the success we've seen without being there for each other every step of the way. We are so thankful for this incredible journey and the ability to serve our customers while doing what we love!


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Have Brass, but don't want the hassle of prepping it all?

You can send us your brass for us to process saving you time and costly equipment! It's very easy too.

  • First sort out the brass that you would like to have processed. You can leave the brass dirty or if you like to send it with some cleaning done to it that's fine, but our price unfortunately doesn't change.
  • We recommend using USPS flat rate boxes to ship your brass in. 
  • Using a liner like a good trash bag or heavy plastic is preferred. Properly taping the entire box is a necessity as USPS is not easy on heavy packages. 
  • Please down load the Brass Processing Checklist and ship that with your brass so we can have your brass processed and returned to you as quickly as possible!

The shipping address to send brass to is 515 Cardigan Dr. Blue Ridge, VA 24064. Please email or contact us before sending brass as we can make sure it is not left outside!

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