FREE Processed Reloading Brass Samples!

We will give you a FREE sample of 100 pieces of processed reloading brass with any order of reloading supplies!

No additional shipping required!


Sample calibers available include:  9mm, 40 SW, 45 ACP, 300 Blackout, and 223/5.56.  To include a sample in your order just send us a message here on the site or email with your caliber of choice, date of purchase and name your order was placed under within 48 hours of your purchase. 

Thank you for making us your one stop Reloading Supplies Shop.

Email us here to request a sample!

Contact Us For Samples

Drop us a line!

Email or Text is the best!

We love our customers! So feel free to email or text during normal business hours and we will work on getting you your sample! 

Blue Ridge Brass LLC

(540) 525-3104


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Free Checklists!

Never question if you forgot a step again! These are simple easy PDF checklists for loading your own ammo! Perfect for the newcomer or veteran reloader who wants to keep a detailed binder of their loads.

Single stage loading checklist (pdf)


Progressive Press loading checklist (pdf)


Brass Processing checklist (pdf)


Have Brass, but don't want the hassle of prepping it all?

You can send us your brass for us to process saving you time and costly equipment! It's very easy too.

  • First sort out the brass that you would like to have processed. You can leave the brass dirty or if you like to send it with some cleaning done to it that's fine, but our price unfortunately doesn't change.
  • We recommend using USPS flat rate boxes to ship your brass in. 
  • Using a liner like a good trash bag or heavy plastic is preferred. Properly taping the entire box is a necessity as USPS is not easy on heavy packages. 
  • Please down load the Brass Processing Checklist and ship that with your brass so we can have your brass processed and returned to you as quickly as possible!

The shipping address to send brass to is 515 Cardigan Dr. Blue Ridge, VA 24064. Please email or contact us before sending brass as we can make sure it is not left outside!

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